Woodland Wonders on the Welsh Coast

October 7th, 2019

Soak up the splendour of autumn as we explore some beautiful woodland wonders.     

Woodlands and forests during the autumn months are the most magical of places to be. The changing of the seasons is rarely as pronounced as when the trees turn from lush and vivid greens to the golden hues of autumn.

Autumn is truly one of Mother Nature’s marvels; her final Technicolor fling before winter casts its dark and grey shadows across the land. The reason leaves change their colour so dramatically is all because of the chemicals within them. Chlorophyll gives leaves their green colouring but is sensitive to the cold, so as the temperatures start to drop in the autumn the chlorophyll deteriorates and the other, hardier chemicals like carotene start to emerge, and that’s when different colours start to explode from each leaf.

And along the Welsh coastline we boast some of the most majestic forests in Wales. Newborough Forest covers the southernmost corner of Anglesey, an area of approximately 2,000 acres. Newborough isn’t an ancient forest – it was planted during the 1940s and 50s to help stabilise the sand dunes that were frequently subjected to wind storms that swept in from the turbulent Irish seas – but it is still an area of calm and quiet beauty.

Today, the beautiful forest with its coastal views is one of the most popular attractions on Anglesey. A wonderful and well-signed network of paths criss-crosses the woodland so it’s really easy to explore, and there are several nature trails to grab the attention of young explorers.

Newborough Forest is also home to the largest population of red squirrels in Wales. It’s thought that the Menai Straits put a natural barrier between the native red squirrels and their invasive grey cousins, although by the mid 1990s, less than 50 adult red squirrels remained on the island. Today, the numbers are rising but there is still much work to be done to increase the population of red squirrels through conservation and grey squirrel management.

And of course, the Oakeley Arms is situated in some of the most historic woodland in North Wales. The woodland of the Ffestiniog Valley and Coedydd Maentwrog is a a stunning place to discover in the Autumn months. And we’re only a stone’s throw away from the renowned Coed Y Brenin – one of the largest and densest woodlands in the region.

So, why not explore some beautiful woodland today and soak up Autumn in all her glorious technicolour….