Ironman Wales 2018

September 12th, 2018

Hands up who saw the amazing footage from this year’s Ironman Wales Triathlon, hosted in the lovely South Wales beach resort of Tenby? And hands up who felt tired just thinking about what the amazing participants had to complete?!

A triathlon is defined as a series of swims, cycles and runs and the Ironman Triathlon (organised by the World Triathlon Corporation) is the ultimate endurance test. The swim is 2.4 miles long, followed by a 112 mile cycle ride, followed by a 26 mile run – in that order and without a break. And there’s usually a 17 hour time limit to complete all three events. Phew….. Any person who manages to complete each section within the time frame is officially an Ironman.

The Ironman Wales is considered to be one of the toughest events on the Ironman circuit, but there are several other Ironman events across Europe, and over the world.

This year, the Ironman Wales 2018 in Tenby attracted 2,400 entrants from across the world – men and women determined to complete the ultimate of physical and mental challenges. The overall Ironman Champion this year was 32 South African Matt Trautman, who completed the course in just eight hours and 53 minutes. Wow!

The Ironman events date back to the 1970s when the first Ironman triathlon was held in Hawaii in 1979.  The Ironman event in Wales attracts thousands of spectators and supporters and is thought to be worth millions to the local economy. So, let’s have a final hands up for who’s going to enter next year’s event?! Better get training!!