Christmas Fun

December 20th, 2017

So, hands up who’s ready for Christmas? All shopped, wrapped, packed, planned, prepped and ready? And hands up who needs another month please!!

by Law Hui Sheng on

Well, whatever state your Christmas planning is at, it’s a fact there are only 5 little sleeps left until the big day (DON’T PANIC!). And to help you feel festive, here are our favourite Christmas Fun facts……. best enjoyed with a Christmas film and a glass of wine!

  • It’s thought that the first Christmas celebrated in Britain was in York in 521AD.
  • Have you got your stocking up yet? This ancient tradition comes from the Dutch custom of leaving shoes full of treats for St Nicholas’s donkeys. He would leave presents in return.

By Tanja Grbic on

  • Nearly 60 million Christmas trees are grown in Europe every year.
  • In Victorian times, mince pies were made with beef and spices…. now they are mostly sweet (and vegetarian!)
  • Scientists once calculated that Father Christmas would have to visit 822 houses per second to deliver all the world’s presents on Christmas Eve….
  • It’s a popular Christmas scene, but there is no reference to any angels singing in the bible….
  • Do you always get a tangerine in your stocking? This tradition started in 12th century France when nuns left fruit at the houses of poor people.
  • In Christmas wreaths, the holly symbolises Christ’s crown of thorns and the red berries are his blood.
  • It’s likely that Jesus wasn’t born in a wooden stable, but in a cave.
  • The abbreviation of Xmas is just as religious as the full word Christmas. The X is a Greek abbreviation for Christ.
  • The first commercial Christmas cards were produced in London in 1843. An original sold for over £8,000 last year!
  • The popular carol Jingle Bells was written in 1857 by James Pierpont.
  • The chances of Wales having a white Christmas this year is 4/1.
  • Bing Crosbie’s White Christmas is the world’s bestselling Christmas single. It has sold over 50 million copies since 1942.
  • In the UK, the bestselling festive song is Band Aid’s 1984 track Do They Know it’s Christmas? It sold 3.5 million copies and raised millions of pounds for victims of the famine in Africa.
  • A pig’s head served with mustard was the traditional Christmas feast before the arrival of the turkey…. yum!
  • Hanging small presents on the Christmas tree, or putting presents under the tree, might be a tradition that comes from the ancient Druids. They believe that trees are the givers of all things.
  • The world’s tallest snowman was built in Maine, USA in 1999. He was 113 foot tall.
  • Gold chocolate coins commemorate St Nicholas who gave bags of gold coins to the poor people.
  • The world’s tallest tree was at a shopping centre in Washington in 1950. It was 221 foot tall!
  • The needles of a Christmas tree are a good source of Vitamin C. Tuck in!
  • Since 1947, Oslo has sent a Christmas tree to Britain to thank us for our help in the Second World War.
  • The Germans call him Kris Kringle; the Italians say Le Befana; he’s known to the French as Pere Noel and in Russia it’s Deushka Moroz. In Britain of course, it’s Father Christmas, and in Wales we say Sion Corn!
  • Boxing Day is named after the boxes that were filled with money and gifts in church and collected for the poor.
  • Electric Christmas tree lights were invented in 1882 by Edward Johnson. Before that, candles were used!
  • The highest-grossing Christmas movie is How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), which has raked in £175m.

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