Tropical Summer Flowers

July 16th, 2018

You may have guessed it already but here at the Oakeley Arms we’re a bit mad about the blooms…. blooms of flowers that is! We absolutely adore seeing them brighten up the outside of the building in our signature hanging baskets, and anywhere we can get some fresh flowers in then we will! They really make our day.

So, if you’re feeling hot, hot, hot because of this fabulous summer heatwave then what better way to celebrate the azure blue skies and the cheery yellow sun than to welcome some magical tropical flowers into your home. And if the great British summer doesn’t quite live up to sunny expectations, then you can close your eyes, smell the deeply indulgent tropical scent and pretend you’re whiling away the day on a far away deserted island.

Think sun-bleached beaches, rum cocktails and brazen floral shirts. Tropical flowers are packed with colour, life and vitality. Here’s our pick of the brightest and best:

  • The Passion Flower – The ultimate in beautiful flowers, Passion Flowers are colourful, vibrant and exude an exotic air. There are over 500 varieties, with many producing the passion fruit that is now commonly available globally. The passion flower is not named after any romantic connotations, but because Christian missionaries in South America thought the colours and shape symbolised Christ’s death perfectly.
  • Daylily – There are over 60,000 different cultivars of daylilies, but the striking flame colours of this beautiful lily symbolise tropical paradise perfectly. Some species of the flower are edible and are used in Chinese cuisine. We say that they’re too pretty to deep fry!
  • Dahlias – We think Dahlias are delightful, and can brighten up any bloom. Native to Central America, they were introduced to Europe in the eighteenth century by Spanish explorers. The dahlia is the national flower of Mexico.
  • Encyclia – The Encyclia is an orchid species, found freely in the Amazon region, Central America and the Bahamas, and they are extremely fragrant. There are not many colour variations, but we think they their pretty, pink and delicate features inspire whispers of hot, tropical nights.
  • Frangipani – Frangipani flowers have a magical scent all of their own. They are often used on bouquets for summer weddings and special occasions. Originally called the plumeria, Frangipani was a name given to these pretty flowers by an Italian nobleman, who made a perfume from the sweet smelling flowers and gave it his own family name.
  • Hibiscus – The beautiful and bold colours of the Hibiscus make it a perfect tropical flower. In Jamaica and the Caribbean, the hibiscus flower is used to make a tea; served cold and especially popular at Christmas time. Different species of the hibiscus are the national flower symbols for Malaysia and South Korea.
  • Laelia – The Laelia is another type of orchid, perhaps named after Laelia, one of the Vestal Virgins. They are mostly found in Mexico, and the bright summer colours and warm tropical hues remind us of sipping ice cold rum cocktails on a warm sunny beach.
  • Lotus – The lotus flower has long held exotic and far-flung connotations. In Asian culture, the lotus flower represents sexual purity and divine beauty, and many Asian gods are depicted sitting on a lotus. The pretty pink and white flowers evoke freshness and honour.