National Album Day 2018

October 12th, 2018

This weekend we’re joining in with the rest of the country as we celebrate something special – the great music album. Who doesn’t remember leafing through vinyls or CDs as a teenager in the local record shop, looking for albums from your favourite band or waiting patiently for a new release.

However, the way that we listen to music has changed over the last decade, with more and more of us choosing to download tracks and singles, or listen to songs on platforms like Spotify or YouTube, rather than going out and buying a whole album. In a bid to celebrate the great music album, the music industry has declared that October 13th 2018 is National Album Day – a chance for everyone to celebrate and remember their personal favourites, and to look back on some of the world’s most popular albums.

The music album celebrates it’s 70th birthday this year. In 1948, record label Columbia Records introduced the concept of an album on a Long Play record (LP) on vinyl record. Over the years, the format has changed depending on the technology, and fashion, of the time. In the 70s, the 8-track was released, the tape cassette followed in the 1980s before the birth of the CD in the 1990s. These days of course, most music is digital – streamed or downloaded in a new digital era of communication.

But, what doesn’t change is that the album has been a huge part of the phenomenal success of recorded music all over the world over. It gives singers and bands a fascinating¬†way to express creativity and engage with their fans. And it’s not over yet – some industry experts predicted that the early 21st century would see the death of the album, as fans consumed music in different ways – but it’s still going strong. In 2017 135 million albums were either bought, streamed or downloaded.

So, as we celebrate National Album Day 2018, which is your favourite music album of all time? Is there one that defines you, or reminds you of a special or poignant moment in your life?

Here are the top 20 best selling albums of all time… is your favourite in here?

  1. Michael Jackson, THRILLER (32 million)
  2. Eagles, GREATEST HITS (29 million)
  3. Billy Joel, GREATEST HITS (23 million)
  4. Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin IV (23 million)
  5. Pink Floyd, THE WALL (23 million)
  6. AC?DC, Back in Black (22 million)
  7. Garth Brooks, DOUBLE LIVE (21 million)
  8. Fleetwood Mac, RUMOURS (20 million)
  9. Shania Twain, COME ON OVER (20 million)
  10. The Beatles, THE BEATLES (19 million)
  11. Guns N’ Roses, APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION (18 million)
  12. Boston, BOSTON (17 million)
  13. Elton John, GREATEST HITS (17 million)
  14. Garth Brooks, NO FENCES (17 million)
  15. The Beatles, THE BEATLES 1967-1970 (17 million)
  16. Whitney Houston, THE BODYGUARD (17 million)
  17. Alanis Morisette, JAGGED LITTLE PILL (16 million)
  18. Eagles, HOTEL CALIFORNIA (16 million)
  19. Hootie & The Blowfish, CRACKED REAR VIEW (16 million)
  20. Led Zeppelin, PHYSICAL GRAFFITI (16 million)