Fun Snow Facts

December 13th, 2017

Hands up who’s had snow this week? Here in Snowdonia we’ve had loads of snow, and the beautiful landscape is looking even more beautiful than ever! Whilst winter snow on the higher ground is fairly common here in North Wales, snow on the lower land that disrupts road and rail journeys, power supplies, post services and school opening, is a lot less usual!

A picture of a Snow Crystal taken by Wilson Bentley, “The Snowflake Man.”

So, in celebration of a snowy week, here are our favourite fun snow facts. You can impress your friends with these amazing tidbits of knowledge. Did you know……

  • Snow is formed when water in the atmosphere freezes into ice crystals.
  • Each snowflake is unique and different – no two snowflakes share exactly the same shape or pattern. Imagine the enormous number of possibilities!
  • It doesn’t have to freeze for it to snow; the air temperature can be as high as 6 degrees when snow falls.
  • The Cairngorms in Scotland is the snowiest place in Britain.
  • The deepest snowfall recorded in an inhabited area of the UK was in the Welsh town of Ruthin in March 1967. 1.65 metres of snow fell!
  • Snow isn’t actually white. Snow is totally clear but because it is translucent it causes light reflection in the many sides of the flake, which makes it appear white.
  • Snow falls at a speed of 1-4mph.
  • The first photograph of a snowflake was captured in 1885 by Wilson Bentley in the USA. He captured over 5,000 images of snowflakes.
  • Chinophobia is the word for the fear of snow.
  • Snow is much more likely to fall in January or February than in December!
  • Snow reflects a high level of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and can cause blindness.
  • Snowflakes aren’t the only form of snow – it can fall in sleet or hail.
  • The largest snowflake ever recorded was 15 inches wide!
  • Igloos can be 100 degrees warmer on the inside than outside! The warmth is created entirely by body heat, which is trapped inside the ice bricks. Snow is a fantastic insulator.
  • The largest snowball fight on record took place in Dakota, USA in 2013. 5,834 people came together to throw snowballs at each other!

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