Flowers for February

February 9th, 2018

Blimey, how did it get to be February already? 2018 is marching on already isn’t it? The first month has flown by, and February is well under way. The days are beginning to get a little longer and the signs of Spring (apart from some February snow!) are in the air, so today we’re celebrating February!

February is famous for many things. It is the shortest month of the year; it is when we celebrate all things romantic on Valentine’s Day; we have a huge party for Ground Hog Day, and that elusive 29th day only appears once every fourth year.

If you’re lucky enough to be born in February then you have a lot to celebrate, and not least because the traditional flowers for the month of February are violets or primroses. It is thought that the tradition of linking flowers to months began with the Romans, and was continued by the Victorians who, stifled in their expressions of emotion as according to the social rules and etiquette of the day, depicted their feelings and intentions through flowers and their symbols.

The violet is a beautiful and delicate flower. It is common in most parts of Europe, and we are very familiar with it here in the UK. The flowers have small heart shaped leaves, so they are the perfect flower for this romantic month. They come in many colours, but of course are most well known for their striking deep purple colour.

Violets are generally considered to be lucky omens for women but the meaning behind violets also depends on the colour. White violets are associated with honesty, truth and faithfulness. A deep blue violet is a lucky symbol and means the giver intends to be attentive and loving.

The primrose is the other flower for February, and it too is a pretty little flower. The primrose is one of the earliest flowering spring plants, which is why it is often associated with first loves. The primrose is famously the sacred flower of the Norse god of love, Freya, so this flower has deep romantic meanings. In Victorian times, primroses were given to symbolise unwavering love and devotion.

So who do you know who has their birthday this month? Send them a beautiful bunch of violets or primroses and make their month!

from wikicommons