Fashionable Flowers

August 19th, 2018

You only have to notice the beautiful hanging baskets outside the Oakeley Arms, with their colourful blooms and beautiful flowers, to know that we love all things floral here. We really think that gorgeous flowers are a great way to add vibrancy and colour anywhere. And why should your outfit be any different? Seeing as though the sunshine has gone on a bit of a holiday here in North Wales, here are our top tips for brightening up your summer outfit with flowers in your hair (oooo, wasn’t there a song about that?!) …..

Fashion and flowers; flowers and fashion – they really do go hand in hand. Fashion expresses something with colours, shapes, fabrics and design that we can’t put into words, and the same goes for flowers. Fashion designers are obsessed with colours, shapes, form and design, and so are florists. Both flowers and fashion represent glamour, beauty, elegance and style.

Any fashion follower will know that during the summer months floral designs are big news. From tiny and delicate to bright, bold and big, flower prints and accessories are everywhere for this spring and summer. So how about completing a perfect summer outfit for a special occasion by wearing fresh flower in your hair? It really is an indulgent, yet inexpensive way to add freshness, glamour and style to any outfit, making you feel a million dollars.

Here are our top tips for ensuring your flowers stay in your hair, and stay looking fab!

  • Decide on a single large flower (such as orchid, lily or large daisy) for a simple, bold statement, or a cluster of smaller blooms (such as baby’s breath flower, stephanotis or jasmine) for a more delicate, intricate look.
  • Cut the flower stems to two inches (you can always trim later if they are too long) just before you put them in your hair, and cut the stem at an angle. Give the flower a quick spritz of hairspray and they will stay fresher and more vibrant in your hair for longer.
  • Pin large flowers to the thickest part of the hair if it’s an up-do, or behind your ear or to the side with a kirby-grip if your hair is down. Clusters of smaller flowers are best worn with hair that is up, and should be attached with a grip to follow the curve of the bun or ponytail.
  • Red flowers work well with black hair; lighter coloured flowers go with brown hair; flowers with green stems and centres are good for red hair and blue-toned flowers work with blonde hair; but the flowers should also complement your outfit.
  • Don’t overdo it! Flowers in hair should make a statement, but should also be elegant. You should not look like a walking hanging basket. Search for ideas in magazines or online if you’re unsure, or you can ask for advice from your hairdresser.