Dreaming of Flowers

April 4th, 2018

Flowers have been used for centuries to show our feelings during waking hours, whether for love, care, thanksgiving, sympathy or friendship. But did you know that if we dream about flowers, these also have hidden meanings……..

Dreams have long been analysed and interpreted to try and better understand our deeper psychology and what makes up our fathomless subconscious mind.

image from wikicommons

Dreaming of flowers is generally thought to be a good omen. They are friendly, kind and fortuitous symbols. They are an unbreakable link between the human and natural worlds. Both worlds beat to the same rhythms of budding, blossoming, growing and fading.

Psychologist Carl Jung identified that flowers in dreams can be symbols of health, wellbeing and spiritual awareness, although this depends on the state of the flower. A healthy, colourful bloom will be a better omen than a wilting, brown bouquet. Healthy vibrant flowers are symbols of growth, whether in a relationship, career, personally or spiritually.

Here’s our fun guide to the meaning of flowers in your dreams

Lilies: signs of re-birth and purity of the heart. Looking at a lily is a sign of success; holding a lily means you are respected but beware if you dreamt of throwing a lily as this indicates your power is been misused.

Roses: symbols of innocence if they are white, passion and love if red and friendship if yellow.

Daisies: imply sadness and perhaps loss of some kind

Sunflowers: symbols of warmth, richness and success and that you are being spiritually guided the right way.

Tulips: in blossom are symbols of happiness in love, but planting tulip bulbs points to a small disappointment.

Carnations: represent fun, laughter and happiness.

Freesia: A symbol of victory; you will be able to conquer anything

Weeds: represent neglect and a stagnant situation. A sign you may need to weed out negativity in all areas of your life.

Honeysuckle: is a symbol of sexual energy and passion, or determination and drive.

Peonies: a warning against being over-cautious, but they also represent creative thinking and problem solving.

Daffodil: a symbol of hope, new beginnings and inspired decisions. If you give daffodils, it is a sign of unrequited love and perhaps you should move on.

Artificial Flowers: beware of acting against your moral principles.

Wild Flowers: a time of plentiful creative ideas and inspiration, and also of physical fertility and happy times.

Dead flowers: a warning against being over-confident or arrogant.

Image from wiki commons